1.55 Inch Round Screen Watch with Genuine Leather Straps (PT4511-LB)

This jumbo watch is designed with 1.55 inch round screen, brushed silver upper ring contrasts with lower case in black matt finish, genuine leather straps, matching sweep watch hands, Japanese quartz movement, long-lasting battery. USA printing & assembly. It is an ideal gift to promote your company names, products & services 24 hours a day.

Product size: Jumbo
1.55" dia. (case); 9" (length including buckle); Imprint area: 1.3" dia.

Imprint methods:
*Free digital color image, production time: 2 weeks
*Silk screen printing, set up: $25.00 per PMS color, production time: 3 weeks

Qty Price
1 18.5 USD
12 14 USD
50 13 USD
100 12 USD
300 11.5 USD
Name Desc. Qty. Gift Packaging
PT4511-LB Jumbo
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