Compact Speakers

COMPACT SPEAKERS: Pump up the volume on your speakers with imprinted speakers and amplifiers for your favorite music player .With a Fold-up design ideal for travel, office or home these speakers are compatible with iPod, MP3, MP4, Notebook/PC, CD player and cellular phones. These compact speakers can be used up to 10 meters away from the music device and are made to suit almost all Bluetooth capable devices. 
Most personalized compact speakers would make excellent executive gifts or giveaways to any music or gadget enthusiast! They can be used to start a house party or useful on the go. Let your logo speakers be seen and heard loud and clear! These custom imprinted speakers will advertise your company’s brand in a loud way. Great as a  technology corporate gift, these custom speakers can be used universally with most iPhones, iPads, tablets, smart phones and MP3 players and with stunning  modern designs and sounds, these are promotional items that most likely won’t end up in a drawer which means your advert gets seen more. We have a wide variety of compact speakers with different colors and designs. Please contact us anytime to discuss your needs.

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